GObowling 300 League

Like Socialising &  Having Fun Bowling A Bit Of Competition ?

Join the Club!

Bowling is good fun and some of us can’t get enough. If you like bowling, a bit of competition, socialising and having fun then join our “GObowling Club” and by doing so enjoy a number of great deals and discounts at GObowling.
The GObowling Club is free to join.  All you need to do is to sign up for one of the following organised play events:

These leagues bowl once a week Sundays thru Thursdays and are either scratch or handicap leagues.

GObowling has always had a strong league bowling programme and we want to build it up further and our Leagues are welcoming all interested parties that want to join.  We have scratch leagues and handicapped leagues filled with a lot of very nice people that meet up weekly not just for the bowling, but the social occasion.

GObowling takes serious bowling seriously. We pride ourselves on providing good proper bowling conditions for our bowlers.  This means a “no strings attached” approach to bowling, i.e. we operate proper free-fall tenpin bowling equipment and not “string machines” where each pin is attached to a piece of string. GObowling Dunstable is the second largest “proper” bowling centre in the UK and we are sanctioned by the BTBA (British Tenpin Bowlers’ Association).  In 2020, we invested heavily in a new scoring system, a complete refurbishment of our pinspotters, we had both our Kustodian Lane Maintenance Machines completely gutted and rebuilt,  we replaced all old pins with 20 brand new pins for all 32 lanes and so on.

We continue to invest in the bowling equipment, the maintenance of it and ensuring high standards in terms of lane conditions, etc.  As a result, we are closing in on the magic number of having had 300 games with the 300 top score bowled on our lanes since GObowling started 1 May 2002. 

If you are interested in perhaps joining a league, please call us (01582-472727) or email us (sales.dunstable@gobowlingnow.co.uk) and we can tell you more about our league programme as well as put you in contact with the right people so that you can try it out.

When joining a league, age doesn’t matter.  As long as you can put a score on the board (without bumpers or ramp…), you can certainly bowl in one of our handicap leagues.

A special note to bowlers from other bowling centres.  If you demonstrate that you are bowling in a league at another UK bowling centre and/or you are a member of the BTBA (British Tenpin Bowlers’ Association), you are more than welcome to bowl at our centre and enjoy the same discounted rates as our GObowling Club members, see above. 

Bowl on Monday to Friday till 6pm days. Open to over 50’s 

If you have spare time during the weekdays, we have a number social leagues that you can join.  The emphasis here is on the social element and getting a bit of exercise whilst enjoying a good game of bowling. You can enjoy discounts on both your bowling and on tea and coffee at the diner.

From very young beginners thru to 21 year olds.  The YBC bowls every Saturday morning at 9:30.

The YBC meets every Saturday morning at 9:30 for both bowling and coaching. The ages in the YBC ranges from the very young to 21 year olds. 

Our YBC also takes part in National Competitions and County Tournaments.

Regardless of age, whenever their skill level reaches a certain point, many of our YBC members move up to compete in one off the senior Leagues at GObowling mentioned above. Several of our former YBC members have then eventually gone on to represent England in international tournaments.

You don’t need to know much about bowling to join our YBC. The only requirement is that you love tenpin bowling. If you do, then you are welcome to join the YBC, we will help you with the rest.

We have a “Learn-to-Bowl” programme in place which you can join and where we will teach you how to bowl and the rules of the game. As your skill level improves, we will then gradually integrate you with the rest of the YBC.

For your parent’s information, the coaches involved with the YBC are all DBS checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Speaking of parents. Parents of YBC members are encouraged to come and watch their child bowl (perhaps whilst enjoying a lovely cup of coffee from our Kitchen 22) and, possibly even, join a “Learn-to-Bowl” class of their own.

Want to join a flexible league that doesn’t take things too seriously…

Then we have a special league just for you. It is called the Sunday Superbowl League and it bowls on Sunday evenings from 6:00 pm onwards and only runs over a 3 month season.

The objective with this particular league is for you to have fun, bowling and competing with your friends and other teams in a format that is really relaxed, simple and flexible. You can compete as a team of between 2-4 bowlers with other teams. You can also have a separate competition with your team mates.

If you are not particularly good at bowling then this League is definitely for you as you are allowed to use bumpers and even a ramp to help you bowl straight if that is not your forte. 

Don’t worry If you missed the start of the season, you can join the season at any time.  Just sign up pay a refundable £20 deposit and you are set to go.

If you don’t feel like bowling every Sunday evening, no worries about that either. You can bowl as much as you want, as long as you manage to register a 3 game score a minimum of 4 Sundays in 3 Months to be part of the League.

The Superbowl League starts at 6:00 pm on Sunday evenings, but don’t worry if you are late showing up, as long as you have time to bowl three games each before we close the centre at 10:00 pm (each game taking ca 10 min per bowler).

To participate as a team you need a team of 2-4 bowlers, however, they don’t have to be the same bowlers each Sunday.  You could have as many as, say, 6-10 friends in “reserve” eligible to bowl for your 4-bowler team on any given Sunday. That said, if you have that many friends wanting to bowl, you may as well form more than one team instead of just one. 

By joining the Superbowl League, you only pay £3.50 per game on Sunday evenings. Joining the Superbowl League means that you become a member of the GObowling Club entitling you to the 20% discounts in both The Garden Drinks & Cocktail Bar and Kitchen 22, not just on Sunday evenings but throughout the week.

Another benefit of joining the Superbowl League is that, if you are not that good at bowling but you want to learn how to bowl properly and beat your friends, being a GObowling Club member entitles you to join one of our free Learn-to-Bowl Classes.

The Superbowl League will start from Sunday 9 January 2022, so please check here for further updates nearer the time or talk to one of our Team Members.

Benefits of Joining the GObowling Club

The discounts that you will enjoy as a member of our GObowling Club are (if you are a BTBA member you can enjoy the same discounts):

  • Heavily discounted rates on the league’s price per game.
  • Free access to one of our Learn-to-Bowl Classes that we hold in cooperation with Andy Penny. Please ask our staff for details.
  • 20% Discount on food and drinks from our Kitchen 22.
  • 20% Discount on purchases in The Garden Drinks & Cocktail Bar, where you can also order and enjoy food from Kitchen 22.
  • You can also practise your bowling at very low rates at the following special slots created just for you (subject to lane availability).

Day Time League Practise Pricing:

6 games for £10 per person
Monday-Thursday – from Open until 6pm
Fridays – from Open until 5pm

Evening League Practise Pricing:

6 games for £15.00 per person
Monday-Thursday – from 5pm until 9pm

Join A League

*Terms and Conditions for discounts and memberships apply. Please see below for details.


General Terms
Bowler’s Club card must be shown for the bearer to gain discount and is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. The benefits above are only made available for the person holding the GObowling Club or BTBA membership card, nobody else.

Discounts are not valid during school holidays. Discounts and membership are subject to availability and at the manager’s discretion. The GObowling Club card has to be renewed every year or every three months in the case the Superbowl League. Lost cards can be reissued by the manager.