We hope you and your loved ones are well, and we look forward to welcoming you back in August

Our priority is your safety and peace of mind

Responding to the Coronavirus

In response to the Coronavirus, we have put further measures in place to ensure we keep our bowling centre even cleaner and even safer for our customers.  These are some of the things we have been doing since you last saw us.

Electrostatic disinfecting

You will see our staff regularly walk around our bowling centre with both the handheld and backpack versions of this equipment to regularly clean the loos, seating areas, controls, bowling balls, bowling shoes, etc.
This expensive high-tech equipment electrically charges the disinfectant spray and as a result the spray not only spreads wide and far, the electric charge also ensures the spray wraps itself around objects and seeks out creases, cracks, crevices and holes (like the three holes you have in a bowling ball), and then the spray really sticks to this surface. If you want to learn more about our electrostatic disinfecting equipment, please see this YouTube clip here.

Online booking system

With our new booking system you will be able to book and pay in advance for bowling, and speed up your time to get to your lane.
Everyone appreciates less time queuing!
We are reducing the points of contact at the centre Online booking will help streamline your visit and get you to your lane with with the minimum of delays.

Order & Pay

A web based “Order & Pay” system will be in place when we open. This will allow customers to view our bar and diner menus on their smartphone.
Customers can then place their orders and pay for it their and then using their smartphones without having to handle menus or money. Our staff will then bring the drinks and food ordered directly to our customers out on the lanes or where they are sitting in the bar or the Kitchen 22 diner.

Non-contact temperature guns

Non-contact temperature “guns” to take the temperature of all staff prior to work. Any staff with a temperature will be sent home.

Foot-operated hand sanitiser stations

Foot-operated hand sanitiser stations have been installed around the centre for easy, no-touch dispensing.

Brand-new “Boutique” house bowling shoes

We have replaced all our old house bowling shoes with brand-new ones, which are disinfected and sanitised in-between each use.
Other procedures put in place

NEW Plastic screens organised at reception counter, the bar and our Kitchen 22 diner.

Special cleaning routines. In between groups of bowlers bowling on a lane and before a new group starts, our staff will clean the whole seating area, the controls for the scoring, the bowling balls, etc. to ensure all of this is clean and disinfected with the “elctorspray equipment” mentioned above for the next group of bowlers. We also have a rigours regime of cleaning the house bowling balls and the finger holes in particular.

If you have any concerns or issues with how we keep things clean and sanitised, please 

You can also find further safety arrangements when you arrive at our bowling centre.

What we kindly ask from our customers

The most important thing we would like to ask all our customers and that is to show common sense and respect other customers in our bowling centre. Being the second largest bowling centre in the UK we have plenty of space to offer, however, please respect other customers and their space.  If you have young children, you need to look after them and not let them run around the centre on their own and interfere with other families/customers.

We look forward to seeing you.

Keep Calm and Bowl On

Thank You, GObowling