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GObowling in Dunstable opened its doors to the public on Saturday 15 August, the first time since the beginning of the lockdown in March. The morning started with the first meeting of the League bowlers.

Andrew Selous, Conservative MP for South West Bedfordshire rose to the occasion when asked to have the first bowl in the newly renovated centre. Mr Selous kept his composure and scored very well, even after finding out that some of the best youth bowlers in Dunstable and the surrounding areas were joining him for the occasion. The reopening of the bowling centre in Dunstable was celebrated by many people who had signed the GObowling petition to “Save our Centre”, which received over 1000 signatures.

GObowling owner, Olle Sahlgren said ” We really appreciate all the support from the local community who had been very quick to sign our petition to keep GObowling going. We were especially happy to receive a wonderful letter from one of our younger bowlers, Riley (7), who let us know how he felt. It brought tears to our eyes!”

Riley (7)

Guest of honour “Smiley Riley” joined the celebrations and scored a spare with his new “smiley” bowling ball. The ball was a gift to him from the team at GObowling who were so moved by his heartfelt letter.

Mr Sahlgren added “Having seen how much GObowling means to so many people, both young and old, it was an easy decision to invest more into Dunstable. We have made significant improvements to the centre so your visit will be more fun, and at the same time we have put safety measures in place, so you have total peace of mind.”

BBC Look East Piece

All businesses have changed the way they interact with their customers. On top of the standard safety procedures, GObowling added extra measures such as portable electrostatic disinfecting mist sprayers and non-contact temperature guns.

Regarding customer safety, General Manager, Jess Young said “Customer safety is our priority. It is very reassuring to see that our lovely customers are adapting to the new procedures very easily and have been very understanding.”

Andrew Selous
(MP for South West Bedfordshire)

From 15 August the government allowed bowling alleys in the UK to reopen. It looks like people have been waiting for the opportunity to socialise in a safe surrounding. GObowling has been busy and is looking forward to a good summer.

Reflecting on his visit, Mr Selous wrote “It was so wonderful to see all those young people there enjoying themselves. GObowling is such an important facility locally that we must all make sure that this bowling centre can flourish in the future.”

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