GObowling needs your support!

Over 1000 signatures! we did it! Thanks to you! Update 4 June 2020 Here on this page and up until recently, we had a petition running asking for your moral support by signing the petition so that we could take it to our local politicians and banks to put pressure on them to help us […]

Our Coronavirus Response

GObowling Electrostatic Cleaning

Our priority is your safety and peace of mind Responding to the Coronavirus In response to the Coronavirus, we have put further measures in place to ensure we keep our bowling centre even cleaner and even safer for our customers.  These are some of the things we have been doing since you last saw us. […]


Join the Team! About GObowling and our Recruitment Philosophies GObowling is not just a family entertainment centre and a destination point in Dunstable, it is also the second largest real tenpin bowling centre in the UK with 32 bowling lanes.  In addition to offering our customers the chance to bowl on possibly the best maintained […]

Kitchen 22

Kitchen 22 - Not your average Bowling Centre Food

Not your average bowling centre food Burgers K22 Burger £5.50 Served in a brioche bun, Melted mature cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, with our signature burger sauce, & fresh crisp salad. Hot & Kickin’ chicken burger (h) £5.50 Served In a brioche bun, House Mayo, & crisp salad. vegan burger £6.00 100% plant 0% cow, with […]

The Garden Drinks & Cocktail Bar

cocktails Perfect Peach 1 Half prosecco, Peach puree, A sprinkle of lemonade, Garnished with a wedge of peach Raspberry Spritzer 1 Half prosecco, 1 Shot raspberry sourz, Raspberry puree, A sprinkle of lemonade, Garnished with fresh raspberries Pink Lady 1 Half prosecco, 1 shot pink gin Grenadine, A sprinkle of lemonade, Garnished with fresh strawberries […]